Who Da’ Guy? The Blayr Barton Profile Presented By WRV

April 5, 2019 • Who Da Guy / Girl

Ladies and gentlemen surfers of the East Coast and far beyond! www.easternsurf.com is beyond stoked to finally debut our rejuvenated and reconstituted Who Da Guy and Girl profiles for your digitized reading and viewing pleasure and presented by Wave Riding Vehicles. Here we will spotlight Right Coast ripper’s from the everyday blue collar, lunch pail carrying local shredders to spotlighting our coast’s rising amateur and pro surfers chasing his or her dreams wearing singlets. From gnarly, big wave surfers to cutting edge aerialist’s to longboarder’s, you will read about them here starting with 14 year old grom, Mr. Blayr Barton from Virginia Beach, Virginia. Compiled by Jason Hoover with huge thanks from www.easternsurf.com for all his help in scrounging photos, video and text and getting this off the ground for east coast surfers everywhere. Take a well deserved bow Jas, we couldn’t have done it without you! Please follow us on Instagram @easternsurfmag and Facebook and share, share, share, like, like, like! www.easternsurf.com, All East Coast All The Time 24/7/365 covering the Right Coast FREE for the people since 1991. – Mez & Dugan –

Full name: Davis Blayr Alex Barton

Age: 14 Years old.

Hometown and state: Virginia Beach, Virginia. 

Nickname: “Air Blayr” from Gromarazzi Jack when I was out at Lowers trying to get my first airs going. 

Education:8th Grade.

Homebreak: Sandbridge Va.’s Bali Hai break out in front of my house.

Affiliation: ESA All Star Team.

Blayr get’s the chair by fellow ESA All-Stars Maddie Ryan (  l  ), Olivia Beaven ( r ) and an unidentified gromette after big win’s at the 2018 Eastern’s. A full-on ninja assassin in a singlet in 2018, Blayr took out three wins alone at the ESA Championships ( see divisions just below ) along with the coveted the Junior Ironman and Hot wave awards. Say’s ESA Executive Director Michelle Sommers, “It’s been exciting watching Blayr come up through the ESA as the strong competitor that he has become. He’s such a humble, grateful young man who has the passion and motivation that’s necessary to get the results. Blayr is also a great role model for younger amateur surfers along the East Coast as well as a great ambassador for the organization and those are among his strongest attributes along with his surfing”. Photo: Mez @ mezapixels

Results: 2018 I made the U16 USA National Surfing Team, ranked 1st in U14 Prime East, took 1st Place 2018 Easterns Boys U14, 1st Place Boys U16, 1st Place Open Shortboard, Won the Jr Iron Man award and the Hot Wave award with score of 9.8 along with victories in the Boys 11-13 and Boy’s Longboard divisions at the 2018 O’Neill East Coast Grom Tour.

Sponsors: Quiksilver, Oakley, Whalebone Surf Shop, Freak Traction, Matt Kechele Boards, FCS fins, SunBum, Mom & Dad. 

First paddle-out: My Mom and Dad introduced my to surfing as a baby. My Dad would ride me on his longboard until I was old enough to ride my own board, my dad and Bro Kai were out every day all summer. Winter, we were in Kauai my first paddle out was at Kauai Hanalei Bay like 4 years old with my dad. 

Crew (buds you surf with): Nolan Isenhour, my brother Kai, Kanoa Wong, Ryan Kindley, Tyler Hamilton, William Heddleston, Cj Mangio, Hendrix Frankenreiter, Brad Harrell, Kepa Mendia. 

Magic board: Matt Kechele, 5-7 x 2.1 Grinder Tech Flex epoxy with carbon tube composite- it rides so well and is rock solid dependable in every condition. 

With Matt Kechele shaping your boards and giving input it’s a sure bet you will be lifting your air game. Say’s The Godfather Of Aerial’s himself, “Blayr comes from a family of surfers which has the fringe benefits of surf trips abroad and at the spry age of 14 has plenty of frequent flyer miles. He’s also super fun to surf with and often pulls out the wave of the day. His air routine is getting solid and frequent trips south to the OBX have made him a great tube rider also. I believe because of all of the above, Blayr has a really good shot at Pro surfing and looked hungry pulling 7th in the WQS Ron Jons Boardfest JR Pro last month”. Photo: Tom Dugan

First surfboard: It was an American blue with white stars and red flames and it was a 4’ something given to me by a neighbor, it just looked sick!

Should Kelly retire or stay on tour and what should he do when he does hang it up competing?:  Because he is amazing surfer and if he retires he should create a surfing academy at his surf Ranch wave Pool. 

Song in your head to surf with: Ozzy Ozbournes ‘Ironman’. 

Best local hangout: Sandbridge Market for their homemade donuts. 

Best surf trip experience: Kauai 2-3 yrs ago. Paddling out in the am with my friend Hendrix and surfed all the Hanalei breaks all day and thumbed around town and just went all over Hanalei till dark. Wishing Well Acai Bowls all day!! 

Biggest day surfing (describe when, where, and why it was your biggest day ever): In Cabo Mexico when I was 11 at Shipwrecks it was 15ft !! 

Worst surf injury (describe): I pulled into barrel in OBX and hit my head on sandbar and got knocked out 

Best East Coast surf spot (describe where, and why it’s the best East Coast surf spot): Outer Banks, Rodanthe, and Buxton lighthouse. Barrels and best consistency of swells.

Little wonder why a VeeBee kid would call the Outer Banks his favorite place in the world to surf and this grom has been places! Barton does the dirty water ‘Disco’ somewhere  south of the Cape. Photo: Cody Hammer Photography @cody.hammer

Favorite quotation: “surfing isn’t a sport, it’s a passion” – Andy Irons – 

Local hero: My dad because he is so chill and fun to be around and fun to surf with. 

Overrated: Man-made wave pools. 

Underrated: East Coast waves & surf. 

Strongest maneuver: Backside Verticle Hit 

blayr-barton-WDG-esa-gif-mez from richard meseroll on Vimeo.

Wheels: skateboard and bike.

Personalized license plate: Aloha 04 

Lesson learned the hard way: Paddled out at Middles Hanalei on a big day, got caught inside and got worked all way to the beach. 

Blayr Barton, Winter training mission, Playa Hermosa. Photo: Tom Dugan

Breaking the law: When i was 7 yrs old I climbed under the Navy Base fence to get a ball. 

Secret other life : I run my own Lawn mowing business inherited from My Brother Kai who started when he was 10 yrs old and I clean pools for our family business. 

Credit due: Still striving to earn it.

Blayr, racking up yet two more trophies at the 2018 O’Neill Grom Tour Championships this past September at Buxton, NC. has blossomed into a competition dynamo. Barton’s ESA All-Star coach, Jason Motes, the winningest ESA competitor ever, observes, ” Blayr Barton’s is one of the East Coast’s rising phenom’s and I’ve never met a more down to earth grom. Just the Happiest kid who is really supportive of all his friends but, coming from such an amazing, supportive family it’s no surprise. He reminds me of a young Griffin Colapinto in and out of the water. Watching him up close for awhile now the future is looking very bright for him and it’s been an honor for me to not only coach him but, just as importantly, becoming friends with him”. Photo: Jason Hoover

If I could pick a superpower... : To be able to breath under water so I could handle really big waves. 

What does it mean to you to be an East Coast surfer? : To be the best I can be in every competition provided here on the East Coast to help me climb to my peak. 

Last words: Surfing is My passion and focus and so is laughing a lot! 

Blayr freesurfing during the 2019 WSL OS 1000 Sebastian Inlet Florida Pro this past January. Barton was one of the handful of east coast amature’s invited to surf the event through the ESA and WSL’s new east coast partnership which opens up a path for right coast kids dreaming of getting to the Big Show one day. Mike Vuocolo @mikesshoreshots

Some kids can rip on anything and Blayr sure-footedly knows his way up and down the full length of a 9-0. Barton takin’ home the bacon with a solidly surfed first place in the 2018 O’neill Grom Tour Boys Longboard tilt. Photo: Mez @mezapixels

Blayr Barton, March 2019, Cocoa Beach, Florida. Photo: Tom Dugan