Video: Gravy & Mason Go Together Like Like Pizza & Pineapple

December 12, 2019 • Ben Gravy, Vlogs

Being from the Garden State it just doesn’t look, sound or feel right putting pineapple on your slice ( piece ) of pie ( pizza ) where I come from. Many natives along The Shore especially even consider it disrespecting the pizza parlor if you traffic in such blasphemy on your menu if you are the genuine article, old school Italian joint. I mean, what’s next, putting poi on a Gabagool, mozarell, tomatoes with vinegar / oil peppers sandwich? What would Tony, Christopher and Paulie Walnuts think?

Then along comes quintessential Jersey surfer guy, and internationally acclaimed surf vlogger, Ben “Gravy” Graeff, with his ever present ear to ear grin / let the good times roll vibe mixing it up with the equally charismatic, offbeat, novelty wave loving Hawaiian, Mason Ho for this co-surf vlog and suddenly it all makes sense. Be like Mason and Ben. Have an adventure, look outside that flat, 22 inch box carrying your extra large pie and cover it in pineapple if you like and just have fun like the two dudes did recently in the fins out free for all at Hawaii’s Shark Cove. Moral of this intro ? Judge no books by their cover or a pizza by what weird, nouveau toppings are in vogue right now like bar-b-cue chicken, egg, grapes or arugula. Just make sure you go with the thin crust and not that deep dish, “Chicago Style” shit because that ain’t pizza, it’s it’s a flippin’ cake. – Mez -xxx

Gabagool? Ovah hee-uh!