Co-Vids: Buxton Comes To Jersey? Orlena Delivers, Gravy Gladly Signs For It

February 18, 2021 • Ben Gravy, Vlogs

We don’t know if we’d quite compare it to Pipeline, or even call it “The Pipeline Of New Jersey” ( we have some other Garden State breaks that might fit that monicker a bit better ), but it sure is one hell of a gnarly wave for any place on the east coast. How about the “Jersey Buxton Groin” because it looks an awfully lot like those below sea level beast’s breaking off the “Wave Magnet” and just as nasty. Think not? Check out the deformed suck up that Gravy pulls back on at 7:40 ( smart move we say ) and get back to us. Ben’s buddy Brett barley would absolutely love a go at this one and here’s The Head Of Nub Nations breakdown below. For more of his great vlogs check out Ben’s youtube channel here with ton’s of entertaining content to wade through and enjoy. – Mez –

“It’s kind of crazy that I’m fresh back from Hawaii & Pipeline has followed me all the way to the New Jersey shore to show us some fierce Winter Storm snow tubes! Winter Storm Orlena came in hot with like 50mph wind & some solid swell, thanks to everyone for the love & support, we’ve got some more dreamers coming in FOR THE WIN! – Ben- ”