“When they kick down your front door

How you gonna come,

With your hands on your head

Or on the trigger of your gun”…

– Guns Of Brixton / The Clash-

Well, metaphorically speaking of course, Ocean city Maryland native and Brixton east coast teamrider, ┬áSeth Conboy comes out locked, loaded, bandoleer’s hanging off both shoulders and with his board blazing and spraying fire in all directions in a John Massey edit titled “Farce” which, by the way, this video is far, far from.

Conboy’s surfing is stand-out, the production is a very cool, DIY video ‘zine style with a lot of scratchy black and white transfers constructed with mostly A to A+clips interwoven into 2:45 minutes of well timed quick cut’s with a loose, garage band feel to it all.

This will leave grit in your teeth and a belly on fire to surf.


We think this all is best summed up by the Brixton Gun himself:

…”Crack a beer and turn this shit up”.

That’s what we did and it was advice well taken indeed.