William Hedlestons’ Killer So-Cal Highlight Reel By Pat Starkey

July 21, 2020 • Travel, Videos

We love a cool surprise, especially in these endless, Groundhog Days of the Covid pandemic, and we got one just yesterday via south California ripper turned budding filmer Pat Starkey.

Mr. Starkey has elected to get on the other side of the lens and camera and, judging by one of his very first efforts here of Cocoa Beach grom ripper, William Hedleston, this “newbie” video guy has some serious skills, a good eye and a bright future ahead as a content creator and social media influencer with his spot on captures from land, water and the air.

Starkey had this to say about the rising grom, ” I Recently got into the camera game and as I appreciate good surfing, couldn’t of had a better subject to follow this summer with the new gear. Tons of talent and can’t wait to capture more of the progression from this grom.”

To say we’re impressed with both Pat’s technical skills shooting all three of the above mentioned photographic disciplines and Hedleston’s full throttle surfing would be a massive understatement and you checkout more of Pats work at @darealsirblahblah – Mez –

Will Hedleston’s Cali Highlight Reel from www.easternsurf.com on Vimeo.