‘Whole Again’. Dive In With Bal, TJ, The Skudin’s, Leif, Beckman And Crew- You’ll Feel Much Better!

October 19, 2017 • Videos

Too many of us live overwhelmed—suffocated by work, personal conflicts, the intrusion of technology and media. Trying to do everything, we end up stressed about almost anything. We check our voice mail at midnight, our e-mail at dawn, and spend the time in between bouncing from website to website, viral video to viral video. Perpetually exhausted, we make bad decisions at work, at home, on the playing field, and behind the wheel. We get flabby because we decide we don’t have the time to take care of ourselves, a decision ratified by the fact that those “extra” hours are filled with e-mailing, doing reports, attending meetings, updating systems to stay current, repairing what’s broken. We’re constantly trying to quit one habit just to start another. We say the wrong things to people we love, and love the wrong things because expediency and proximity make it easier to embrace what’s passing right in front of us. We make excuses about making excuses, but we still can’t seem to stop the avalanche. All of this has a significant economic cost as “stress and its related co morbid diseases are responsible for a large proportion of disability worldwide.”
It doesn’t have to be that way. The surfers, fishers, poets, artists, and children who know that being in, on, under, or near water makes your life better. Time to dive in. – – Wallace J. Nichols