Vlogging: Surfing 30 – 40 ( mph. winds ) Winter Barrels With Brett Barley On The OBNC- Gnarly Stuff!

March 3, 2020 • Brett Barley, Videos, Vlogs

Surfing in a winter Winter Wonderland with vlog-meister Brett Barley including some dynamic POV’s using, Shaper Ian Blocks ( https://ianbalding.com ) innovative “tail block cam” ( my quotation marks ).

Barley thus explains: ” Season 2 : Episode 21– 50-60 mph winds cause flooding, that strands Jeffrey in Rodanthe, and I end up finding some barrels in the 30-40mph offshore winds that happen before dark. BUT THEN… the next day when it was suppose to be flat, I find some nice tubes and take my GoPro tail mount board from Ian Balding out for some creative fun! Making the most out of every swell we get :)” And that he does do in this tight, 15 minute edit. – Mez –