Vlogging: Brett Barley Nab’s “My Best Pipeline Wave Of My Life”!

December 17, 2019 • Brett Barley, Travel, Videos, Vlogs

While we always enjoy the personable and often informative segment set-up chats, the extraneous family footy and fishing expedition’s that trademark Brett Barley’s vlog’s, when you can catch enough solid, to super macking widow-maker Pipeline why wouldn’t you just go near wall-to-wall surf action if you’re holding big. And holding huge Barley is with not only widow-maker Pipe, including “the best wave of his life” at the break, but also a full rip, tear and lacerate session at Ehukai where fear was left behind at the Banzai Pipeline reef and fun was the order of the day at the sandy, user friendly beach park. This installment of Brett’s very own “It’s A Wonderful Life” is a winner. – Mez –


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