Vlog Stock! Brett, J.O.B. & Gravy Go Soft In Hawaii

January 16, 2020 • Ben Gravy, Brett Barley, Videos, Vlogs

“That was way better than trying to do airs at Rocky’s” – Brett Barley –

It can’t always be widow maker Wiamea or body punishing Pipeline on the North Shore and sometimes it’s just fun to have…fun.

No pressure, no death wish conditions on offer or pecking orders to deal with.

 Just a couple of pro-bros randomly showing up at the same beach one morning like the Three Kings of the Vlog-a-sphere, Brett Barley, Jamie O’Brien and Ben Gravy busting out the soft top boards horsing around out in the water together.

A Vlog Stock if you will with some very entertaining results as filmed, curated and spliced together here by Brett Barley and in his excellent Season 2 / Episode 13 vlog series edit. – Mez –

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