Video: Worth Another Look, Brett Barley’s TBT / 2018 Grayson Barrel Fest!

February 13, 2020 • Brett Barley, Videos, Vlogs

If you’re a glutton for Outer Banks winter time barrels – from mutant, under sea level slabs, double / triple cover-up combos off the Lighthouse groin, super deep GoPro POV’s and everything in between –  Brett Barley has ’em. Like LOT’s of them in this fast paced, all killer, no filler all action vlog and we’ll let BB set it up here…

“Throwback to January 2018… Winter Storm Grayson dumped snow overnight, coupled with 70+ mph winds, in one of the wildest winter weather events Cape Hatteras has ever seen. The waves FIRED the next day, and for the first time in my life, we scored barrels along the snow covered beach at home. The Pamlico Sound froze over from the low temps as well. I put these edits (these 2 days of surf were separate videos, I combined them into one for YouTube) together for Facebook and Instagram at the time, and never posted on YouTube (cause back then I operated my YouTube channel differently). My Vlog started 2 months later, cause I wanted to share more of these epic weather events I find myself in here at home chasing waves. I figured it time to throwback to this epic weather event, since I had only posted the GoPro portion of this swell on YouTube at the time. Enjoy!” – Brett Barley -.

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