Video: The Wave That “Eats Itself”! Barley & Brown Take On Full Bore Namibia Pt.1!

August 23, 2019 • Brett Barley, Videos, Vlogs

Talking with Brett Barley on the phone earlier today while he was driving back home to Buxton, NC from an O’Neill signing appearance at the ECSC in Virginia Beach, the born and bred Outer Banks surfer sounded relaxed after a grueling two weeks of travel and editing his latest drop. Discussing the epic journey with fellow charger Rob Brown in detail while cruising south on highway 158, I could easily detect lingering excitement in his voice no doubt from reserves of adrenaline and endorphins not yet released after catching one of the true, natural wonders of the surfing world, Skeleton Bay in Namibia, Africa. Quite understandable when you’ve recently surfed a wave like this about as big as it gets with it’s 20-30 second tubes and half mile rides. If you can’t quite grasp that concept, check out this 30 minute video and see if you can’t find some clarity because it is hard to wrap ones mind around a phenomena like Skeleton when it’s firing like this. It says a lot when Brett exclaims at the end “that might have been the wave of my life!”. And stay tuned for an exclusive Brett Barley ESM Q&A that will accompany Part Two – hopefully next week, according to the vlogger / ripper, right here at – Mez –