Some of the first images I ever shot of Dave Speir were taken at the ESA Championships in the mid-late 80’s when he was a yound grom with owned a full head of white / blonde, sun and salt bleached hair and he flat out tore it up !

Ripped the shittake out of it against fellow up and coming Sebastian Inlet talents like Paul “Rhino” Reinecki, Danny Melhado and Kelly by God Slater to name a few and he more than held his own or just flat out kicked their asses at the Buxton Lighthouse Groin.

Now, a few decades later after a serious bid to get on the ASP World Tour in the early 90’s that fell just short, Dave made the big decision to give up the pro surf star chase to raise a family and have a successful career repping for Oakley.

Dave still shreds it hard, and is always standout at any given session, but now he’s getting competition from 17 year old spawn, Blake who we’ve watched with keen interest over the years since catching his first waves, barely out of diapers, while getting pushed into mini Inlet wedges by pop’s at the Kiddie bowl section just inside of First Peak.

As Blake’s new edit will clearly show, he’s now ripping with his big boy trunks on now and this, for me, is hands down one of the coolest things I get to witness rolling on through my 50 years of surf photography. – Mez –