Video: Stunning Slow ‘MO-OCEAN’ Film Study Of Natures Most Captivating Force

September 13, 2019 • Videos

Hats off to surf cinematographer Chris Bryan for putting together this most amazing show reel of thick, oceanic energy bands imploding across an array of the surfing world’s deadliest slabs. The use of ultra-slow motion cameras is nothing new in surfing but Chris takes it to next level in the subject matter he chased down, the technical excellence of it’s filming, the brilliant colors and unique angles captured, film processing, editing and the final presentation. And if you really want your mind blown, then watch the 4K version on a larger monitor or flat panel TV and it’s “holy effing shits-ville!” start to finish. The length of the edit claims 8:12 but it seemed like an hour went by watching it and I was fairly bummed when it abruptly ended leaving me want another hour, er, 8:12 more. I guess Shaun Tomson was right several decades ago when he hypothesized that “time is expanded in the tube” and viewing “MOCEAN” leaves no doubt about the veracity of one of surfing filmdom’s best quote ever.  – Mez –

MOCEAN. A film by Chris Bryan from Chris Bryan on Vimeo.