All the edit info given is just “Southern Nicaragua with Asher Nolan, Benji Lange, Owen Moss, Owen Carter, Braeden Kopec, Will Deane, Vance Weyandt”. That and the title, “Slash Camp” but to just flesh it out a bit more we’ll add Asher Nolan was a World Tour level surfer in his heyday and he clearly has things to share with those willing to listen and better thier skills in the areas of top tier competition, training and fitness, surfing based in power, rail, form and above the lip antics as well as. And equally as important these days especially ishis expertise in media saavy and self branding via social media. An excellent still photographer post pro surfing, “Slash” has now brought strong and advanced video skills to the coaching side of his game and is fast becoming an in demand, all in one go to guy to raise your surfing level via all the aforementioned. And all these young rippers know it and are fast becoming little Slasher’s themselves. Filmed by Asher Nolan, Joe Garcia and Shawn Deane, edited by Logan Marshall. – Mez –