Video: Simon Sez Watch Me Destroy And Please Enjoy!

January 30, 2020 • Videos

From the Black Sabbath / Metallica-like sludge metal backed opening frames, this video – and Simon Hetrick’s surfing – goes HARD start to finish.

“Fogo” truly is on fire and a total action packed Tour De Force blending in every move in the book both frontside and backside rarely letting up or making you want to get up and stop watching.

The kid from Delaware done good, no, done great, and we’ll let him sum up what could be one of the best video drops kicking off this new decade from an east coaster and this still young year of 2020.

‘Fogo de Graxa’ aka ‘Greasefire’ was shot in Indonesia, Hawaii, Panama, Portugal, and at home on the East Coast USA during the better half of 2019. Thank you to all the contributing cinematographers, as well as Vissla and Rise up Coffee for making these trips happen”.

Hope you enjoy – Simon”

Oh, we did Simon, we did and so will you dear reader. – Mez –

Fogo de Graxa from Simon Hetrick on Vimeo.

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