Video: Go On A Full Bender W/ “Mutilated Magic Board” Edit

June 27, 2019 • Videos

“This year’s surf season was unseasonably long in Hawaii. Before the summer’s boiling heat had left my naturally (under)ventilated, farm-style home on North Shore, the waves began trickling in. And they didn’t stop until the heat had returned anew. In fact, perhaps half of this video was shot in May, after the hype had dissolved and the crowds diminished. Town turned on before the NPAC shut off, allowing Erik Ippel to capture a sunny day at Diamond Head and Kewalos to throw into the already varied mix of Off The Wall, Backdoor, Rocky Point, and Waimea Bay. The slab at Waimea broke at full size twice, but (luckily for me) only before AND after the waiting period for the Eddie Aikau Invitational. The March swell coincided with Spring Break from teaching, allowing me to take full advantage, scoring several bombs and the thumbnail to the highlight reel from Kona Brewing Company’s Big Wave Live event on Surfline. The November 26 swell was epic, but I worked that day, ultimately catching two waves during a fifteen minute session after a nuts, rushed paddle out through closeout sets. Stab’s Sam Moody captured that action, including the demise of the magic 11’0″ John G blade on a 20’+ wave that impressed legend Buzzy Kerbox, who also braved the paddle out that evening. Thanks John Gentile of John G Surfboards for all boards in the video. Cinematography by Erik Ippel, Sam Sykes, Stephen Rawding, Sam Moody, Surfline, John Gentile, and Jr. Maosi. Music by Pixies and Matt Bender. Edit by Matt Bender. Thanks for watching”! – Matt Bender –

Mutilated Magic Board from Matt Bender on Vimeo.

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