Video: Memorial Day Salv(o)ation Session With Brett Barley & Co.

June 14, 2019 • Brett Barley, Videos, Vlogs

There are still some secluded sandbar nooks where you can get waves all to yourself between Buxton and Pea Island NC when the north of the bridge hordes are  out en-masse. If your wiling to drop your tire pressure to 18 psi, t’row your buggy into 4X mode and take the time to go a-hunting which has long been my fave thing to do on every trip I’ve taken to the OBNC since I purchased my first four wheel drive vehicle back in 1986. My silver Pathfinder with tinted out windows, sturdy set of all terrain rubber with a muscular engine took me to many un-surfed sandbars from the north side of the Oregon inlet to Kinnakeet – when you didn’t have to pay $125. for an annual beach permit – as did my Ford Expediton 10 years after it and, currently, my ‘Yota SR5 4-Runner I’ve owned for 11 and counting. There is way ( way ) less beach that is open to drive on 33 years later since my maiden 4×4 voyage out to Cape Point back then ( where I almost got stuck in the sand my first time going off road save for the old fisherman following behind me who helped me let the air out of my tires explaining it’s obvious importance duh! ) but there are still some good expanses left to escape to even now as this recent Brett Barley Vlog clearly illustrates. Four wheel surfing alt spots like this might not be THE best wave around on a given day but I’ll take a little less “best-ness” for solo sessions like this one Brett & Co. caught during this past Memorial Day weekend with my friends and family any day of the year. – Mez –

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