Video: Ladder Match! Ralph Fatello Survives Making His Latest New Hammy Edit!

October 9, 2019 • Videos

When you’ve survived being a Marine grunt out in the shit during the Viet Nam war, a shredding guitarist / singer for a promising international touring band named “VINNIE” that, at various times in their career, opened for The Stones, the Allman’s, Cream and the Police, played at The Meadowlands in front of 25,000 people, toured South America, once told Pablo Escobar to “go fuck yourself” and lived to tell about it then posting up on top of a 10 foot aluminum step ladder ( somewhere Mick Foley smiles ) on dangerous, slippery, seaweed and kelp covered rocks must seem perfectly normal. We mean, why not risk breaking your neck and possible paralyzation to get the angle if you made through all the aforementioned? And that’s what we love about New Hampshire’s Ralph Fatello- dude is just an epic, all around charger, part madman / artiste who will do anything his Live Free Or Die creative vision calls for to cover his beloved New Hampshire / New England surfing homeland. And, of course, it helps having a good medical plan and being built like a brick house just in case. And below here is Ralphie’s very own synopsis accompanying his latest edit and Semper Fi you flippin’ madman!- Mez –

“On October 1st, 2019 I did something that I’ve never done before. I carried a 10′ step ladder out onto the slippery rocks and kelp to shoot the waves from Hurricane Lorenzo. The waves were just OK. They never really materialized the way they were predicting. But, the ladder? It was a major breakthrough as far as surf photography goes. Yeah it was awkward to carry, especially seeing how I had a back pack with two of my cameras. I took a lot of grief over this. Mostly from my family. They all thought I’d fall and break my neck. I told them “They laughed at the Wright Brothers…” Ha ha.
Any way, my dear friend John Carden provided the cool soundtrack. I was looking for some Italian opera when out of the blue he sent me this track. It’s pretty cool. *There was one negative aspect to this edit though. Some old guy on a Boogie Board was hassling everyone out there. He kept getting in the way and was just being a jerk. He caused one of the riders to lose a fin. And it was the only dark spot of what should have been a fun session. Oh well. Hope you enjoy Lorenzo”. – Ralph Fatello –

And in case you missed Ralphie’s epic photo portfolio click here to view some really great photos from the Northeast. – Mez –

Little LORENZO and his Ladder from Ralph’s Pic Of The Week on Vimeo.