Str8 up, Floridian Pete Mendia has been one of the pre-eminent power surfers and big wave barrel riders of the past 25 years. Mendia is an unquestioned equal to the best of the best of the beast mode, brute force brigade including Occy, Richard Cram, Taylor Knox, Luke Egan ( hell, he even named his youngest from after his long time personal hero ), Luke Hoy and Richard Cram, the Murders Row of surfings strongest Strong Men. And, if you want to delve back to a little further, we can go back to Hawaii’s Barry “BK”Kanaiapuni who is the gold standard of burying a rail and bringing the thunder. And Pete is still bringing it hard as a mofo a quarter plus century later packing Pipe and deservedly cashing checks on his stock and trade, blistering carve which is on full display here in his latest edit. – Mez –

peter2020for social media – HD from Kepa Mendia on Vimeo.