Video: Brett Barley Meets The Ocean River Of Denial

March 12, 2020 • Brett Barley, Videos, Vlogs

Buxton NC’s Brett Barley doesn’t paddle into a single wave in this current vlog and yet  it might just be one of the most interesting topics and  he’s covered in his entire video production catalogue to date. In fact he didn’t even make it past the tip of the iconic “Wave Magnet” Lighthouse groin the three times he attempted to gain access to the spot he’s been surfing  since he was a tyke wearing onsies being baptized into the ocean life by his pop’s. There is not one, single act of wave riding in the entire 24 minutes. Not one mind blowing Houdini-like escape out of the maw of a dirty, dredging, OBNC barrel nor one of his huge, CT level hucks. Just a personal, down-to-earth examination / rap session on something we can all relate to no matter your station or abilities in the surfing world – paddling out at your home break and getting totally shut down and humbled by the raw power of the ocean. It’s an engaging, everyman story excellently told. – Mez –

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