The_Cvrrent — July 2017 Logging in Rhode Island

August 3, 2017 • Videos

A look back on July’s finer logging sessions here in Rhode Island. Surfers include Jon Baylor, TJ Thran, Lily Gartner, Maddy Tregenza, Jesse Larkin, Craig Gogan, Jeff Mattiucci, Owen Horiagon, Kyle Halavik, Julie Jakoboski, Kristen Fraza, Cheyne Cousens, Andrew Nota, Gus Potter, Connor Horiagon, Myles Point, Ashley Baylor, Omar Fahmy, Claire Hodson, Medelise Reifsteck, Pat Bedsole, Stephen Melidossian, and Mikel Evans. Filmed by TJ Thran, Andrew Nota, and Kyle Halavik, edited by TJ Thran.

the_cvrrent // july ’17 from Endless Decade on Vimeo.

“Malkaus” by The Dandelion
“In the Shadow of Light” by The Dandelion
“So What Do You Think of Space?” by The Dandelion

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