Freeze Frames: Check out Evan Hiltons Mesmerizing ‘Suspended Seas’ Animation Video!

January 8, 2018 • Videos

Viva la difference we always say in this digital cookie cutter media world and check-out this very trippy and super cool edit by 22 year old photographer Jax Florida local, Evan Hilton who processes his stellar still photography imagery into something you don’t ordinarily see in “video” form.

Big kudos to him for thinking creatively outside the post processing box and, if you want different as well as superbly executed, here it is and we’ll let Evan have the last words on the subject here below.

“I created the animation through a software called Plotagraph. It allows you to plot out points and apply masks which lets you freeze certain elements. It took a while to perfect on the photos to get a natural motion, but came out great in the end!

“I look back here at some of my favorite pictures that I’ve captured in multiple countries in 2017. From the freezing waters of Norway to the warm tropical climate of Nicaragua I ventured around the world to capture some of the world’s unique surf breaks with top rippers Cody Thompson, Steven McLean, Tristan Thompson, Fisher Grant, Hobie Sears, Adam King, Charlie Current, Andrew Gregorie.

To keep up with Hiltons work – and we strongly suggest you do – here is how:

Instagram: @evanhilton

Twitter: @evanhilton12