“First day of Spring,” says New Hampshire filmmaker and photographer Ralph Fatello. “And just like that, the air temps rose up into the 40’s and the sun came out. The snow started to melt, and the surf? Well she was rocking! The usual suspects appear in this web edit. Kai Nichols, Matt Colby, Jonny Meehan, Markey J, Casey Lockwood, Terence Kirby, Kody Grondin, Andy Elliott, Perry Reynolds, Max Fatello and a bunch of others. * There is one large set that some of the boys got caught in, and one in particular (Terence Kirby) said it was the worst THRASHING he ever had. Those are powerful words, and they should be cautionary words to all. It doesn’t have to be 20′ to get your ass kicked. A 6-8′ wave can do just as much damage. My tip: “Keep your wits about you, and learn how to hold your breath, while spinning underwater, bouncing off boulders. It will end sooner or later.” Music is by KING’S X and HENDRIX. Quit your complaining…it’s SPRING!”

SPRING DAY March 20th, 2017 from Ralph’s Pic Of The Week on Vimeo.

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