New Jersey Artist Sean Bernhardt Is Space Bat Killer

March 4, 2017 • Videos

“If you haven’t seen or heard of Space Bat Killer by now, you should probably push that giant boulder off your house,” says Local Artist Division about New Jersey artist Sean Bernhardt AKA Space Bat Killer. “He is one hard-working guy with his creepy dark tropical illustrative steeze. It’s rare a day goes by where Sean hasn’t pumped out an artwork or illustration, and having caught the eye of the global surf and skate communities, he’s created amazing designs with his prolific style for a bunch of big and small brands around the globe, not to mention his own label Evil Paradise. Here’s a sweet little mini-profile on our homie from New Jersey produced by Mike O’Loughlin, detailing how and what makes Sean, Sean. Enjoy.”

Space Bat killer from Sean Bernhardt on Vimeo.

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