Rainy Day in New England

November 3, 2016 • Videos

“I shot this on October 28th, 2016,” says New England filmmaker Ralph Fatello. “It was our first legit Nor’easter of the year. And, like most Nor’easters we get, it was howling wind and rain. We all know it’s going to be sleet and snow soon. So the October storms are special. The water is still relatively warm, and the air temps are tolerable. The Surfers featured in this clip are: Kevin Grondin, Matt Colby, Phil Carey, Mike Stanek, Alex Orestis, Kody Grodnin, Britt Swartley, Perry Reynolds, Lenny Nichols, Ryan Webb, and Max Fatello. The music is by James Marshall Hendrix and the song “RAINY DAY” works well with this footage. This day is special, it would of been my late mother Eva’s 92nd birthday. So this is for you Ma. Happy Birthday.”

RAINY DAY 10-28-16 from Ralph’s Pic Of The Week on Vimeo.

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