Push Play -Sutton Kerlin’s Frothy Surfing Down In Pura Vida-ville …

January 31, 2018 • Videos

As sweet little edit from Costa Rica featuring 17 year old former Fernandina Beach ripper now shredding the Treasure Coast via Stuart, Florida, Mr. Sutton Kerlin.

The Volcom, Orion Surfboards, Surf Central Surf Shop and Stance teamer took his talents south to the beach breaks of Playa Hermosa and Jaco Beach an went off for videographer Brett Henniger’s 5D Mark 1V and DJI Phantom 4 and they came back with some great clip’s and a, tight 1:48 minute look into yet another promising right coast youth and a just as equally promising filmer.

While Henniger states “the waves were pretty unspectacular for Costa standards you would not have know it by his froth for surfing”, it’s the froth that that put this one over the top and into the rotation for us.