Push Play- Schuyler Allen Get’s An A-Plus For Two Seas Edit!

April 24, 2018 • Videos

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Schuyler Allen, pronounced Sky -ler, or maybe Sky-lah depending on what part of this great country you hail from, might not have the easiest first name to say at first glance but  this transplanted Gulf Coaster to Hawaii  rip’s the shittake out of it in any regional dialectic you speak.

Hey, at least he wasn’t named Dick.

In  a three- corner bank shot Schuyler get’s barreled off his tukus in Hawaii, Ireland and the “East Coast” which looks pretty much like good ‘ol dirty water, Mid-Atlantic to us.

“Schuyler”, pronounced “I rip better than you any way you want to say my name, fools.” Frame Grab

And the boy has his air and rail game totally down which yields some of his most impressive surfing in this 5:40 minute edit we strongly suggest you hit the push play icon below and Sea for yourself. – Mez –

Filmed by:
Hawaii- Sam Moody, Matt Catalano, Nick Rudine, Igor Hossman
Ireland- Jacob Laham, Clem Mcinerney, Ian Mitchinson, Guy Mac
East Coast- Hunter Martinez, Blake Michel, Ryan Mac, Matt Catalano, Ryan Simalchik, Thomas Larney