Push Play: New Hammy Whammy! The “USMC Birthday Swell”

November 20, 2018 • Videos

Intro by Ralph Fatello:

A day none of us will ever forget. November 10th, 2018. The 243rd United States Marine Corps Birthday (it’s a Marine thing, you wouldn’t understand). We had one of the most powerful swells to ever hit this coast. The footage I shot was intense, exhilarating, frightening, and downright beautiful. All the players had their moments. Both good and bad. Max broke two boards in half. Back to back, he broke two boards completely in half. Jared had his leash wrapped around both of his legs and thought he was going to drown. Kai had his board tomb stoning as I filmed him. *I thought it was horrific. I felt helpless. He later told me that he kept trying to push off the bottom but he was being held down. Others had similar experiences. Kody, Jake, Ryan, Tom, Chad and Luke. They all got bitched slapped and they all scored some insane waves.
The music is by my old band SEMPER FI. Those of you in the know, are familiar with those Latin words. It’s the Marine Corps motto meaning “Always Faithful”. What a lot of you don’t know is, I started SEMPER FI in the early 80’s. I had been playing with my other band “VINNY” with my brother Johnny since 1976. But I was growing out of that whole style of music, and quite frankly, the war (Vietnam) had started to catch up to me. I was dealing with a lot of baggage back then and I guess I was trying to suppress those feelings. Like a lot of musicians, I was able to write songs about my feelings and that’s what SEMPER FI was all about. Honestly? Some people will mistake some of those songs as patriotic, but they were in all actuality, protest songs. I felt betrayed by our country. I think a lot of us did. But the whole concept of SEMPER FI (Always Faithful) was that I was Faithful to my country. Faithful in love. And Faithful to my music.
Surprisingly, these songs hold up for being 34 years old, and they work well with this video. My dear friend and record producer David Robinson of The CARS produced these songs. And my late friend Thom Moore engineered them at Synchro Sound Studios in Boston, MA.
Any way, the real stars of this movie are not the surfers, or the music, it’s the waves. Look at these incredible waves. It was a One day Swell. But it was memorable.
HAPPY 243rd BIRTHDAY MARINES! – Ralph ” Shazam” Fatello – @www.ralphspics.com for everything New Hampshire and the Northeast, no one does it better!

243rd USMC BIRTHDAY SWELL from Ralph’s Pic Of The Week on Vimeo.