Push Play: Neophyte OBX Filmer Logan Marshall Leaps Forward With “Fall Back”

November 21, 2018 • Videos

Young Outer Banks filmer, Logan Marshal has learned first rule of surf photography / videography at a very early age which is surround yourself with the very best local talent you can find, have them on speed dial and work their – and your own – collective asse’s off. Marshall – still a high schooler and already a winner of some North Carolina state film awards – seems to be evolving his filming style and editing chops at quite a fast clip ( no pun intended ). At this stage of the game it’s cool to get to watch he and his young, budding Carolina surf stars like Bo Raynor, Luke Gordon, Micha Cantor, Nohea Futrell, Gabe Morvil, Quentin Turko along with veteran OBNC sandbar hunters like Lucas Rogers and Brett barley, push each other both in the water and on land in the editing bay. The coolest part is then we get to sit back, pop a coldie and enjoy a really fine  effort by all. From their September through October run od waves – and Bo Raynors sick, opening and closing tube rides – ‘Fall Back’ is totally packed with high action and more deep, dirty barrels as you’ll find anywhere on the east coast. Fall into your most comfy chair or couch and Push Play to check it. – Mez –

FALL BACK from Logan Marshall on Vimeo.