Push Play: Maryland’s Simon Hetrick Blows Up On The North Shore!

April 18, 2018 • Videos

17 year old former ESM cover guy from the still somewhat mysterious Del-Mar-velous region of the Mid At-lantic states, Simon Hetrick has just dropped this excellent North Shore 2018 edit via Vissla called “Cut’s And Bruises”.

Good enough title that one but we would suggested that the O’neill Wave Of The Winter entrant called it “Simon Say’s He’s Gonna Get Barreled Off His Ass On The North Shore And Does”.

Okay, so maybe a little long and not so humble but it really the meat and poi of this telling, 3:00 minute vid portending things to come from this young and talented Terrapin who labors in relative media no-man land obscurity between the glamor and grit of the Outer banks and the sheer mass of the New Jersey surf paparazzi catching every wave of every session from every conceivable angle possible.

Still barely out of gromhood, this kid could be the next big thing out of Maryland ( at the very least ) since Chad Hopkins if he keeps pulling into those sand sucking beach break insanities of his home state and then continues polishing that act in Hawaii and keeping his ass kegged to the max.

We’re impressed to say the least. – Mez –

Sez Simon– “Cuts N’ Bruises came to life over a fun 20 day North shore stint. I can’t thank Sam Moody and Matt Catalano enough for their hard work filming this project, as well as Matt B, Schuyler, Shannon, and John G for the hospitality”!


Simon Sez I got this! Screen Grab