Push Play: Kelly Gets Smothered in ( Ben ) Gravy With Nub Nation At The Wave Ranch

November 7, 2018 • Videos

Yeah, it’s a re-eeeeeeeally ( reeeeeeally ) long video at 42:55 minutes dwarfing anything that fellow east coast vlogger Brett Barley posts but there are a ton of reeeeeeally cool clips to pour through – including many of The Champ in action and totally worth the effort to sift through if you are short attention span theater guy. I recommend you just crack a beer, light ’em if ya got ’em and watch the whole damn thing as the film quality is excellent, Ben “Gravy” Graeff is just a cool, low key, oft times funny fellow Jersey-ite with plenty of low key personality and he is…different. In a good kind of way. On top of that the conditions and the resulting waves this day were as perfect as I could imagine the Ranch could ever be and to see RKS ripping it to pieces – and Mr. Gravy is more than a decent enough surfer to keep it entertaining – is a treat and well worth the viewing. – Mez –