Push Play: Ivah Wilmot Takes You through Jamaican Surf Culture

September 2, 2018 • Videos

Excellent little surf doc by the good people from Roark as seen through the eye’s and informative voice over of top ripper from the first family of Jamaican surfing, Ivah Wilmot.

“Jamaican surf culture is very, like, organic and it’s like almost sheltered from the world, so, we came up with a lot of things on our own you know like music styles, art styles just the way how we dress even… it’s like the Jamaican surf culture and the Jamaican scene is similar in the way that it’s almost not touched by the world too much. It’s still in it’s rise, the most pure form… you see people livin’ real life”. – Ivah Wilmot

Roark: Future Mystics with Ivah Wilmot from Roark Revival on Vimeo.