Push Play: It’s A Ohana Affair- Brett Barley Hit’s the North Shore With The Fam

December 18, 2018 • Videos

All work no play or all play no work? For Brett Barley, his lovely wife and keiki in tow it’s all about both as nicely documented in BB’s latest North Shore vlog. Clocking in at 12:00 minutes the two-parter has some breath taking, perfect Pipe pit rides at the and a couple of filthy air’s mixed in to change it up. Be warned all those looking for non-stop action and possessing little curiosity about much else in life, the second part of cut takes a revealing look at the traveling, down-to-earth pro surf dad’s lifestyle with family vacation oriented clips – which are very well done technically and crisply edited – and very cool to check out with the surf action well worth the time spent. All in all it looks like Brett’s job is all play to us, well, maybe besides all the long hours putting edits like this together, and a better occupation you could not have.- Mez –