Push Play >> Geiselman’s Drop X-cellent “My Brother” Bio Vid!

July 2, 2018 • Videos

Being from the Central Florida area we have had the pleasure to know the New Smyrna, Florida based Geiselman family consisting of dad Greg, Mom Gina and their two little grom’s now all grown up, Eric and Evan literally since before they were born.

Both mom and pop were ripping, top flight east coast pro’s back in the 80’s and 90’s with Greg, of course, also being a well known, in demand shaper for his label Orion Surfboards.

Everybody knew that ‘Big E’ and ‘Little E’ were going to be damn good surfers given the pedigree and bloodlines even as they were taking their first aqueous baby steps since right about after learning to walk upright.

It is safe to say they have certainly turned out to be that and so, so much more that includes well paid faces / ambassadors for major brands, sick skaters, musicians, scratch golfers, avid, above average fisherman and, by all accounts first hand and other-wise, just good, friendly human beings doing both their mom and dad, Smyrna homeboys, their sponsors and east coast surfing proud while ripping the bag out of any wave they put a surfboard beneath them on.

This bio-vid filmed and directed by Venice, Florida brothers Cavin and Tayler edited by Reid Ogden with a little groovy background tune-age by bother Eric. – Mez –

My Brother from Colorblind Media on Vimeo.