Push Play / “Big E” Is A Freak! Watch This Geiselman Video NOW!

May 3, 2018 • Videos

Sometimes you wonder why some surfboard weilding freaks are on the world tour and others are not.

Of course there are a multitude of psychological reasons and theories as to why but, in the case of Eric Geiselman not being on the tour and grinding it out, it’s a good thing.

For us. For him. For his backers.

Simply stated the kid is an artist, not a competition horse in a singlet and he gets to craft amazing gifts for us like “Lark”and not slog it out on the grovel circuit.

He skates un-real, he rocks his music and is free to paint whatever the fuck-all he wants with his surfboard onto aqueos canvas un-encumbered by results driven performances and the expectations of a QS or WSL boxscore after each event.

Good for us and really good for him and a beautiful thing to see the sweet fruits of Vissla letting this thourough bred talent run free out in green and blue pastures to create a stellar edit like “Lark” which put’s him up there with the best freesurfers at this moment and time and this video backs that claim up. – Mez –