Push Play: From Greenough To Barley, Another Mind-Blowing Film Barrier Falls

April 11, 2019 • Videos, Vlogs


As simply as I can put it in my most basic native New Jersey photographers stoke, this hot off the editing table vlog of Brett Barley’s latest video angle looks ‘nuckin’ futz!

Yeah, yeah… a tail mounted cam is nothing new if you’ve ever seen George Greenough’s “Inner Most Limit’s Of Pure Fun” back in the early 70’s ( required viewing if you call yourself any kind if surfer ) where he filmed the trippy, first ever from inside the tube looking out celluloid frames while kneeboarding with a 30 pound film camera strapped to his shoulder which is crude looking in comparison to digital capture and the sophistication of todays technology but no less revolutionary.

Nor is sticking two fished eye carrying 35 mm’s in one housing for a crazy wrap-around p.o.v. of macking Puerto ala Scott Aichner or east coaster Laurent Pujol’s death-wish photo angle surfing deep behind an already deeply barreled rider using a 35 mm dslr set-up encased in a boxy, heavy, un-wieldy as hell pistol gripped housing. Talk about two ‘nucking futz individuals and ground breaking surf photographers who’s accomplishments were akin to bringing back the first jarring, close up images of Saturn’s moons that re-ararnged our perspectives of what was possible for capturing behind the rider imagery.

In fact there have been all kinds of things mounted all over all kinds of boards for quite some time now. The ever stealthy Benny B. apparently was toying with an earlier version of this rig down in the DR and now comes Brett Barley with this more sophisticated, dialed in proto-type tail mounted Go Pro video angle pushing the viewer ever further back behind the surfer creating one of the most mind blowing inside looking out P.OV.s of a kegging tube as ever has been captured so clearly and vividly. Yeah, it’s been done before but this one, even in this phase of it’s evolutionary development , just feel’s – and definitely looks – different and equally jarring as any before it.

And the Valiant Vlogger from the Outer Banks is just getting started with this so all we can do now is hope for that next bombing Spring swell to see where this envelope pusher takes it next because it’s guaranteed to be next level.

Somewhere, George Greenough smiles. – Mez –

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