Push Play>> Delaware Skim Kid Goes Nuckin’ Futz- Watch This!

May 24, 2018 • Videos

(Please scroll down to play video )

We never heard of this guy, John Weber from Delaware, but we’re sure as shit stoked and then some that filmer Skylar Wilson stuck him under our noses with this simple e-mail description and link to his edit titled “Mystic Quiver”:

“I just released a video of John Weber, originally from Delaware, surfing around Southern California (Wedge, Seal, etc.) and was hoping to get some coverage on it.  The kid absolutely kills it.”
Uhmmm, yeah, and “absolutely kills it” would be a gross understatement because Weber just goes flippin’ mental on skims, body boards, shortboards, longboards and whatever else he can put his body on in crazy Wedge conditions and other mysto West Coast shorey’s. Yep, this guy is a full Looney Tune, Indian River Inlet Jetty charger gone Cali and we LOVE it! So will you so push play now and get ready to be blown away by the shore pound freak-a-zoid. Somwhere fellow skimming dare devil, Brad Domke beams with East Coast pride. -Mez –