Push Play: Coffee – And Surf – Time in Nicaragua with Nova Scotia’s Dean Petty!

February 26, 2018 • Videos

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‘Perfectly Caffeinated’ focuses on the Dean of Eastern Canadian Bean, coffee entrepreneur Dean Petty of Dartmouth based Anchor Coffee – who also happens to also be the countries best longboarder / alt equipment practitioner bar none.  It’s a perfect brew of some shit hot surfing and a peek into how one marries ones passions and work into ones love of surfing and traveling.

Dean Petty, no half caff in this guy’ surfing, just straight up, dark roast ripping on long or shorter equipment. Frame Grab

With help from Billabong Canada the 5 minute reel put together by Petty and good friend Newman Jardine which will soon be premiering in Montreal (where Dean is also partners in a gourmet pizza joint) and we look forward to seeing how it fares with the audience which has an enthusiastic, albeit landlocked, surfing and water sports action crew there.

Caffeinated while equal parts informative and humorous ( hey, we’re surfers and we like goofing around both at work and play and making videos )  is all about the kind of lifestyle that can make one just a little envious of another man’s ideas as in why the hell did I not think of that myself!

The Dean Of Bean. Photo: Mez

And what is better than enjoying a perfectly caffeinated, intoxicatingly rich and flavorful single sourced cuppa joe before paddling out at first light?

Nothing we say except maybe adding brewmaster and conjuring up some tasty craft beers to your skill set and making even more friends and plotting surf trips for hops research. -Mez-

Hey, it’s cool, this is totally legal in Nicaragua. Frame Grab