Push Play: Chaunchoo Goes Koo-Koo! Is Chauncey Robinson Ready For The QS? We Say YES!

January 22, 2019 • Videos

Chauncey Robinson is Sebastian Inlet’s, and perhaps the East coasts, next Big Hope to make some noise on the ‘QS. In 2018 Chauncey finished 3rd place overall on the North American WQS rankings and, with his stellar 3rd place finish at the 2019 Florida Sebastian Inlet Pro last week, he once again sit’s at 3’rd to start the year with a bang- a BIG, loud bang. His 2018 campaign, by the way, had him ahead of ( totally deserving ) big brand, multi- main sponsored talents like Josh Burke, Jake Marshall, Evan Geiselman, Nate Yoemans, Colt Ward, Mike Dunphy and Tyler Gunter. Meanwhile, “Chaunchoo” is rocking the little known Dark Seas clothing and accessories logo ( along with hometown entities Ron Jons surf shop and Sunbum sunblock ) with his estimated, overall travel fund-age being a mere pittance compared to his aforementioned, logo’ed up equals ( just not equal in the standings right now while sitting at numero tres ). And God bless Dark Seas – and any other company / person – for doing whatever it is that they can financially to get him to his next events which are in Australia. Young Robinson is an inspirational everyman surfer. A blue collar, lunch box toting kid chasing a pro career dream like those who came before him some of them with their posters and photos pinned up on his bedroom wall. Now he walks amongst them taking his shot at killing giants surviving mostly on winnings and what crumbs he can gather from other sources. And we’re rooting the ever-loving hell out of it for him. Film by Nate Harrington. Check him out at @natephoto and www.natephoto.com for a ton of sick images and clips featuring Florida and the east coasts best pro’s. – Mez –

Chaunchoo Pichoo the Film from OUR | OWN on Vimeo.