Oliver Kurtz in Aftermath

March 28, 2017 • Videos

Earlier this month, Oliver Kurtz organized the world premiere of his new film Aftermath, 15 sick minutes of high-performance surfing, mind-blowing perspectives, beautifully diverse edit styles from Sean Benik, and a sonic smorgasbord that reflects Oliver’s all-over-the-place aesthetic. After a world premiere in Miami on March 2nd that attracted more than 600 attendees and raised thousands of dollars for Coastal Conservation Association of Florida, Oliver and Sean dropped the full edit on Vimeo, attracting attention from all the major surf media bigwigs and earning legit “best of 2017” accolades. So on this Tuesday, we say treat yourself — Oliver went through four knee injuries, several sponsor changes, two years of travel and filming, and countless more obstacles to finish this thing with Sean Benik, who saw his own career upended when Surfing Magazine shuttered in January. And the final product is stunning. Enjoy…

Oliver (far right) with his brother Troy (left) and parents Eric and Diana at the March 2nd world premiere of “Aftermath” in Miami. Photo: Mark Hill


Oliver credits the South Pacific sections of “Aftermath” as both his favorite and the most rewarding to capture. Photo: Matt Paul Catalano

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