“OH… MY… GOSH!! Brett Barley Goes 100 % HAM In “Highlight Reel”

July 18, 2019 • Brett Barley, Videos

Sorry, no selfie stick monlogue’s here Brett Barley vlog fans. Theres very little fishing and family / Outer Banks lifestyle scrapbook clips either nor hardly any Ben Gavy-esque novelty wave weirdness to be found in this self described, newly released “reCAPTURE Highlight Reel” by one of the coasts most versatile surfers ever. And while we totally dig on all those personal elements that makes a classic Brett Barley video blog this no frills approach is a breath of fresh air. This is especially true in light of the total lack of surf along the Atlantic seaboard right now. Lets face it, we don’t want to talk about it, we want to do it or get pumped up to do it at the very least. And, with those summer flat spell blues in full effect right now, and with some time on his hands to dig through his hard drives, this new drop is the best-of-the-best of Brett. Pure unadulterated Barley just surfing and not a whole lot more. And, btw, surfing his feckin’ ASS off start to finish. Highlight Reel is set to a slamming soundtrack with excellent pacing and transition work in the editing bay and nothing but A+ clips start to finish making this recycled material seem as relevant, in the now and fresh as a crisp October day out on Pamlico Sound. Besides high quality waves we get both seasonal and surfing action / wave variety out with clips from the Lighthouse and a variety of Dare County locations to clips from Tahiti to the BSR wave tank to Nambibia to “New Nambibia” and plenty of bombing Hawaii barrels you can drive a fully loaded cane truck through. This ain’t no vlog friends, this is pure 24 carat video gold and we challenge anybody on the East Coast, hell the entire country, to put something like this together with nary a B-clip to be found like in this 10 minute long “reCAPTURE” that looks back on the past 18 months of BB’s wandering, surfer gypsy lifestyle. If theres’ another film out there thats as good wave-for-wave, ride-for-ride than “Highlight Reel” we’d surely love to see it. -Mez-

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