A Nomadic Purpose w/ Evan Micele + Jordan Montgomery

February 19, 2017 • Videos

“I just put out a new short film that’s not all surfing and not a standard edit,” says Virginia Beach native and photographer/filmmaker Jordan Montgomery. “Instead, A Nomadic Purpose is about the lifestyle of surfing. Back in late August/early September, I went down south with a RED camera and my buddy Evan Micele to shoot some surfing for the pre-swell from Hurricane Hermine. We woke up the next morning and the swell was pretty bad, so I ended up not getting to link up with the surfers I went down for. The waves were closing out but had some size, and it was the end of summer, so because I had time I filmed all day and did what I could to make the best of an OK situation. We met up with some friends of Evan’s and had a good time camping under the stars, eating good food, catching waves, and cruising down Highway 12. So here’s a short little video from the random footage I got that somewhat captures these sort of trips and why we do it.”

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