#tbt: Nineteen Eighty Two

November 30, 2016 • Videos

“This clip is getting a lot of positive feedback,” says New England filmmaker, photographer, media maven, and all-around icon Ralph Fatello. “I did the edit  and posted it on Facebook on Wednesday, November 30th and everyone was raving about it — mostly the younger guys in the twenty-something range. I guess the ’80s is considered old school to them. Anyways, the year was Nineteen Eighty Two. I was still using the GAF Super 8mm camera for all my movies. This was the same year that Roxy Music released their last album, Avalon. I’ve loved Roxy Music ever since Love Is The Drug came out in 1974. I chose the Roxy Music song “More Than This” because it fits so well. This was all shot at The Wall in Hampton, New Hampshire, and the featured surfers are Mike ‘Zappy’ Paugh, Kevin ‘Doc’ Grondin, Billy Ritchie, Robin ‘Robink’ Rowell, and Ralph Fatello. It’s old and jumpy and has lots of scratches and stuff (like all of us).”

Nineteen Eighty Two from Ralph’s Pic Of The Week on Vimeo.

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