New Video: Brad Gets Rad!

September 25, 2019 • Videos

Have you ever heard of  Brad Flora?

Well, neither has most of the surf industry apparently, if we can even call it an industry anymore, as yet another east coast talent goes under-noticed, under-sponsored and under-covered.

In other words he comes from a long, long of Right Coast rippers who can’t seem to bust down the doors of the Orange County surfing products cartel who knob job their west coast home grown talent rather than support more worthy talents back east while carpet bagging all their surf shop dollars back to Cali, something Eastern Surf Mag now knows a little something about.

Somethings never change and guys like Brad do it strictly for the love and the passion of this thing of ours which is why this rippers like this is an everyman hero to all of us along the east coast.

The coolest thing about Flora – besides he freak surfer status – is, like us, he looks like he don’t give shit flippin’ one about any of that as he puts out yet another amazing edit on his own dime and time and DIY’s it out to us all on the digital coconut telegraph.

Like us. – Mez –