NC’s Logan Marshall “Dumps” Killer Long Player Barrel-Fest Edit!

January 14, 2020 • New Release!, Travel, Videos

The young and unassuming Outer Banks based filmer, Logan Marshall calls his latest release, self deprecatingly perhaps, a “clip dump”.

As in, like, no big deal, here’s 11 minutes of stuff I just threw together in my spare time for you to check out.

It takes a certain kind of determination, passion, technical skill and dogged pursuit – and some serious coin – to come up with a tight two minute edit let alone one at 10 plus that covers that kind of serious geography and doesn’t really have an un-entertaining,  throw-away clip in it. We used to pay good money for this type of surf entertainment back in the day and I sure as hell would have paid for this one. But, alas, that is not the analogue world we live in anymore which put’s even more emphasis on passion as the core reason content creators like Logan – and filmer’s everywhere – carry on with little monetary compensation in hopes the road may eventually lead to riches in an Instagram Universe. Or at least a living.

To that end we say the high school aged filmer has, in his “spare time”, put one hell of a great edit together that is stacked with a ton of ripping footy shot while traveling extensively from Barbados to the Atlantic Northeast to the Surf Ranch wave tub and many places in between with his primary targets and travel mates, Bo Raynor, Micha Cantor ( ranked #9 on the QS North American tour ) and Luke Gordon.

Other featured athletes include ESA All-Star phenom from VB, Blayr Barton ( ranked #24 on the QS North American Tour ) along with, Outer Banks rippers Quentin Turko, Nohea Futrell, The Prince Of Pungo, Lucas Rogers, Nathan Loudermilk,  and a special guest appearance by a fully wetsuited Yadin Nichol plumbing the depths of some deep Long Island, New York barrels.

These young Right Coasters all rip the shittake out of anything they paddle into and this barnburner of a long player showcases their collective, east coast born and raised and damn proud of it talents beautifully.

I could gush on but I will let the crew’s – and the young Mr. Marshall’s – talents speak for itself as the frames roll past your own eye’s.

Call it a clip dump if you want but we’re calling it a wall-to-wall feast for your eye’s and a super solid edit start to finish once again by Logan. – Mez –


Logan Marshall, Kill Devils Hills, NC, September 2019. Photo: Mez

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