Push Play- Grommie Robbie Goodwin Going Big Video!

March 2, 2018 • Videos

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We haven’t a clue where exactly this vid was filmed as it arrived in our e-mail inbox from one “Robert Goodwin” and simply said ” Hi, here’s a link to RobbieNS2018.MOV in my Dropbox:”…

And that was it for the self promotion, hype or self aggrandizement.

Not a single descriptive word or narrative about it’s content – nor even a goodbye salutation – was in the eight word e-mail ( and no answer back either to our phone call to attempt to get a few where and when’s ),  just a link to click on and a pretty damn impressive 59 second download of Robbie recently charging some near double overhead ( on him ) barrels somewhere.

The Cape Cod crusader totally charging! Frame Grab

The short showcases the micro Ripcurl team rider eating shit big time on a few bombs ( the opening clip is of the cherub faced New Englander rubbing a slightly nicked chin with an unfazed, toothy grin on his face ) but also captures him fearlessly pulling up deeper than most 14 year olds probably should and making it out hellman style on others.

The kid from Cape Cod may be a man of few words and hyperbole but he continues to quietly rip and impress to no end and we can’t wait to see what he sends us next, goodbyes or not. – Mez –


Broken but definitely not bowed. Frame Grab