Land Yachting in the Outer Banks — Video: Brett Henninger

September 4, 2017 • Videos

“This trip was supposed to North Carolina was supposed to be different,” South Florida’s Brett Henninger says. “Comfortable, plenty of sleep, no (or at least much less) bugs, with a film showing the experience and highlighting the people in the group — Surf Central teamrdiers Sutton Kerlin, Evan Miller, and Andrew Slaughter — to come out of it . Maybe even some of those stupid, staged transitions by a dilapidated house or some lost livestock. Art stuff. That all went out the window as the forecasts went from head-high and decent to way overhead pumping surf. 35+ hours driving, 20+ hours shooting, countless bug bites, and a steady diet of bologna sandwiches and coffee drinks later, this is what we ended up with: an edit every bit as raw and fast-paced as our trip. Okay, I need a nap now… oh yeah, Irma.”

land yachting from Brett Henninger on Vimeo.

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