By: MezĀ ( please scroll through frame grabs to play video )


These are our people, this is our kind of video, and this is why exists- to report and SUPPORT what’s going on on the east coast, Gulf Coast, Eastern Canada and the Caribbean with home grown productions like this.

Ryan Webb.

And this is why we really like Joe Radano’s latest video “Colors” shot exclusively in New England utilizing and showcasing already established regional rippers like Matt Colby and Casey Lockwood as well as helping expose a new crew of talent starting to emerge from the Northeast like Ryan Webb, Kai Nichols and grom phenom, Robbie Goodwin.

New England on fire.

And to tell you the truth, we really don’t know much about Radano himself but all we need to know right now is that he exists, he sends us tight, well edited videos from out of the blue with little or no fanfare or information as to where he is shooting or info pertaining to himself.

Ryan Webb.

But then again he’s kind of a fly under the radar mystery to us really since sending us his first effort but then again so is New England in general and these occasional, well done video glimpse’s are truly welcome and a cornerstone of the DIY of ESM and the east coast surfing spirit as well.

Robbie Goodwin.

Suffice to say it is a region that has always been under covered and local made productions like this and by other videographers like veteran lensman, Ralph Fatello are helping paint an emerging picture of a beautiful place of waves and a surf culture history that there are not nearly enough colors in the palette to ever do it justice.

Kai Nichols.