Jack Rabbit Slim w/ Schuyler Allen

November 29, 2016 • Videos

How many sessions does it take to make a sick clip? Depends on your definition of a sick session — for Gulf Coast native Schuyler Allen, who grew up in Sarasota, Florida, but now calls Hawaii home base in between keeping up his habit of globetrotting the world, the magic number was four. That’s right, in the space of just four summer sessions enjoyed in Hawaii, California, Mexico, and the Outer Banks of North Carolina, Schuyler compiled this epic “Jack Rabbit Slim” clip, filmed by good friends and leading cinematographic lights Sam Moody, Jacob Laham, and Daniel Castillo.

The music is pleasingly perfect in two different ways: Sandy Pussy’s riotous “Perfect Wave” followed by Urge Overkill’s classic “Girl You’ll Be a Woman Soon,” which was most famously put to use in that finest of all ’90s movies, Pulp Fiction. Even before that jangly noir-pop nugget drops in, Schuyler aces the click-bait test by featuring an opening segment full of in-water footage of sharks ominously swimming around the legs of humans. But we’re more in love with Schuyler’s man hacks, hard-charging style, and preternatural barrel sense, all attributes finely honed by copious amounts of water time in some of the world’s best surf zones. Please do keep it coming, good sir.

Jack Rabbit Slim from Schuyler Allen on Vimeo.

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