Hell’s Behl’s! Florida’s “Nate McNasty” Lives Up To His Nickname!!

August 28, 2018 • Videos

Comin’ in hot today from filmer Justis St. John is his latest edit of Floridian Natahn “Nate McNasty” Behl going bersek during the recent run of nearly out of control back-to-back-to back swells at Kandui.
Here’s a few descriptive words below from the videographer himself to set this up and fasten yer’ seatbelts as this young hellman charges waves most of us only dream about. – Mez –

“Hey guys, I hope all is well! Pretty crazy run of surf last month, never seen anything like it living out here for 12 years.  3 swells in a row and pretty much all 3 were on the verge of  being too big, waves breaking all over the place and couple crazy windows.  I threw together this short edit of Nate Behl that focused on the last swell at Kandui.  Stoked if you guys would consider sharing it and below are a couple stills and vids if you need them for IG, etc.  So much more material coming through and I’ll shoot it over once it’s up.  Crazy season.” – Justin –